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My passion to give back to the communities that have given a lot to our organization over the past 29 years and making a difference in the lives of people especially the youth, differently abled and the entrepreneurial society has made me established the TAF Africa Foundation. This is aimed at contributing my quarter towards the socio-economic advancement of the disadvantaged society and my country. At this stage of my life, I want to render my skills, experience and expertise to harness the potentials and talents of young people and help foster meaningful growth to the lives of people. I feel fulfilled doing what I can for my continent! #GambiaDaafademDiyaakuya

Mr. Mustapha Njie

MD / TAF Africa Global


We seek to widen our engagement by supporting local communities and vulnerable groups to impact change and social cohesion.


Empower and nurture the next generation of leaders within the next years and sharpen their leadership potentials.


Provide a platform that would promote intellectual discourse and breeds social cohesion amongst young people.

We Have A Dream

The growing of the major sectors for any economy is imperative for advancement. Here are a few key areas we hope to improve.

Good Governance

Leadership being on of the major challenges in Africa, the initiatives aim to develop and harness the potentials of young people through the TAF Leadership Academy and Start-Up. This we believe would prepare the future leaders a firm position to steer the affairs of their communities.

International Trade and co-operation

As our economic is shifting, so it our relationship with other nations and people, therefore, the foundation seeks to give an avenue to entrepreneurs to network and develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to advance meaningful economic growth in our country.

Clean & Green Industries

Climate Change is one of the problems faced within our continent, affecting the lives and livelihood of people. Therefore, adapting to clean and green industries would ensure lesser pollution and a healthier environment. Through our start-Ups, we promote recycling which can reduce the use of raw materials, thus lessening the need for disposal of toxic products and packing materials.

Educational Services

The foundation seeks to support and promote educational services through its initiatives. The TAF Leadership Academy and TAF Training Institute equips the young people with the needed skills and knowledge to excel in their academic ventures by supporting with mentorships etc.

Civil Performance

It is quite pivotal for individuals to play an active role in the socio-political development of their communities. Consequently, the foundation promotes skills acquisition, knowledge development and the motivation to make that difference for the good of our societies.

Career Development

As many young people are passionate to achieve their dreams and reach their fullest potentials, career guidance has been realized to be a challenge in our country. With the foundation, we support through mentorships, start-up capitals for businesses and exposures to training opportunities.

To The Gambia Ever True; #GambiaDafaaDemDiyaakuyaa

With our modest accomplishments,we aspire to inspire a generation that would significantly contribute to the sustainable growth of the Gambia through our initiatives which seeks to unleash the potentials of individuals.

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CSR: Our Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of its corporate social responsibilities, TAF Africa Global dedicates 1% of its total revenue to advance meaningful development and growth of the communities that it serves. The foundation has developed a series of initiatives targeting different members of society particularly the youth which constitutes 66% of the Gambia’s populace, and the differently abled who are mostly ignored by society at large. As a pan African organization, TAF Africa Global sees this as a moral obligation to not only nurture and groom the next generation of African leaders to advance the sustainable development goals, but also to make a difference in the lives of the communities we serve that have given a lot to our organization over the past 29 years.