4th session of TAF Leadership Academy

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Published May 09, 2019 | Posted by Fatou Jeng | Posted in Development Training , Leadership

On Sunday, 28th April 2019, we held our monthly TAF Leadership Academy sessions with our Guest Lecturer, Mrs Oley Dibba Wadda , a social development executive and strategic analyst with over 20 years of leadership and management experience currently serving as the Director of Human Capital, Youth and Skills Development at the African Development Bank.

The topic of discussion was on ‘Empathy’ as one the key tools to be an efficient and effective leader who would understand and share the feelings of others. The session further elaborated on how this quality can yield to a person being compassionate and be able to give a helping hand and support the development and growth of his/her team members. Additionally, it took the participants through how one can utilize his empathetic nature to make people comfortable to talk about their challenges and seek for guidance and counselling on their professional and personal development.

The participants gained valuable insight on the topic and how it could help horn their leadership skills which will positively impact our institutions, homes and schools. The session was quite participatory and interactive and we are confident that the participants' understanding of the topic would enable them cultivate a conducive working relationship and environment with their team members.The students were able to understand the difference between empathy, sympathy and compassionate and how being emphatic is a strength rather than a weakness.

Finally, the participants had the opportunity to meet the new Chief Executive Officer of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Madam Feyinwa Ugochukwu, who is also the first African to assume this position.

TAF Leadership Academy extends its appreciation to Mrs. Dibba Wadda for her valuable skills and sharing her know-how on one of the core values of leadership.