Success Blossoms From One's Personal Dedication to a Cause Greater Than Oneself

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Published Apr 02, 2019 | Posted by Fatou Jeng | Posted in Arts and Culture

Great achievements build a monument Which shall endure until The sun grows cold. One of Janet Badjan-Young ‘s significant achievement is the construction of the first professional theatre in The Gambia. This breathtaking structure built with environmentally friendly bricks, was officially opened on 17th December 2011. It’s impressive 16 metre dome, a stage, dressing rooms, lights, control room green room and a seating capacity for 300 people inspire creative activities for young and old. It is a multi-cultural centre, ideal for plays, celebrations, weddings, art exhibitions, musicals and private parties.

It took five long years to acquire the land! When Janet returned to live in The Gambia in 1997, after her retirement from the United Nations, she discovered that the performing arts was not considered an important component in the social and national development of the country. Talented youths did not have a nurturing environment or professional facilities to equip them for employment in the Tourism, education, and entertainment sectors. Space was needed for training of youths and children, space to discover their talents, space to learn and appreciate music and dance and the disciplines required to succeed. So, despite all the difficulties envisaged the land was cleared, the brickmaking machines arrived, and the foundation was laid. The bricks were made on site, sundried and strategically positioned by hand, one by one to make the walls. The building started in 2008 and was completed in 2011.