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Published May 22, 2019 | Posted by Fatou Jeng | Posted in Development Training , Leadership

The TAF Leadership Academy held another interactive session on Sunday 12th May, 2019 which was delivered by Mrs Lucy Fye, CEO and Senior Adviser of Fyen Consultancy Services as Guest lecturer and Mr Ousainou Ngum, Executive Director of Agency for Co-operation and Research in Development as Special guest. This lecture was based on CONFIDENCE, a pre-requisite tool to be a pragmatic and ethical leader who can champion meaningful changes in his/her society. She highlighted on the importance of self-confidence, process of building confidence and how it can be used to effect rapid development for our institutions as leaders.

"Confidence is in you, it is who you are" Mrs Lucy Fye. Part of the discussion were centered on how the educational systems are failing to deliver which tends not to encourage creativity. Confidence and innovation were raised as well as how bad our upbringing has succeeded in giving us a huge number of people that are not confident of themselves and their visions.

Mr Ngum buttressed on how young people need to be more involved in things that are positive. He said "Confidence is built on certain basics: high moral values, integrity and knowledge".

The session ended with an interesting question and answer session were participants shared their views and opinions on the topic.