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Gambia Disability Fund

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With the belief of majority of the Gambian populace that disabled people should only be beggars, this initiative seeks to clear that mindset by providing opportunities to this disadvantaged group to venture into entrepreneurial activities, skills acquisition, trainings and symposiums that would inspire them to realize their potentials.

With more than 10% of the Gambian’s populace living with disabilities, TAF Africa Foundation has set aside One million Gambian dalasis (D1, 000,000.00) to support the differently abled members of society who are engaged in small and medium enterprises. Realizing that most of our sectors are not disability friendly, such as the education, business etc. This initiative would serve as an avenue to help the differently abled grow their individual start-ups, petty trading and some other ventures. This is aimed at swaying the notion the general populace have that people living with disabilities are meant to only be beggars and not fend for themselves. The trust fund promotes self-sustenance when it comes to their basic needs and help change societal prejudice.

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Initiative Details

(Ongoing Project)

Initiated: December 03rd, 2018

Lead: David Jeng/ Abbis B. Ceesay


Phone: 3404534

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