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Ebun Jan Theatre

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Celebrating Excellence

This is aimed at enlightening the populace to celebrate and acknowledge people that are giving back to their communities, contributed to the growth of the country and impacting lives. This would take place once every year and would be opened to the general public.

The objective of the TAF ICON is to shine a light on successful Gambians who have retired and are quietly spending their time in giving back to The Gambia by spearheading initiatives that would positively impact the lives of many Gambians, and are not seeking any publicity along the way. TAF ICON would conduct a semi-annual event where one Icon will be honored and celebrated to not only showcase what the winner has been doing, but to also inspire and encourage the others to follow suit. This will also usher in a variety of role models for young Gambians to emulate. It will in turn enlighten the populace on the need to celebrate and acknowledge each other more and the contributions these individuals have made in our country.


Initiative Details

(Ongoing Project)

Initiated: May 03rd, 2019

Lead: Abbis B. Ceesay

E-mail: info@tafafricafoundation.org

Phone: 3404534

Other Initiatives

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