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TAF Leadership Academy

A year long leadership training

TAF Leadership Academy had its debut meet-up in February 2019, where Mr. Mustapha Njie and other TAF associates oriented the first 50 youthful Gambians about the daunting task ahead of them. The TAF Leadership Academy is aimed at preparing and training the next generation of Gambian leaders.

Recognizing the significance of great leadership at all levels, and the impact it has in the lives of Gambians, TAFLA was creating to serves as a training academy for our future leaders. The Academy is meant to prepare and train the next generation of Gambian leaders on diverse issues based on their areas of interest. TAFLA seeks to harness the characteristics essential for creating a mission-based life of impact, and purpose for young people who will be taking up leadership roles in the next five to ten years.

 One of the greatest challenges The Gambia faces, is competent leaders in different capacities who lack the requisite competencies, including a culture of accountability and excellence, resulting in poor management across several institutions. This initiative would build the identified cohorts of selected youths and give them a platform to hone their hidden potentials and leadership skills to avert this growing concern.

TAFLA aims to train one thousand (1000) leaders within the next five years. The different leadership sessions would entail a series of activities that would enhance critical and creative thinking and encourage the participants to solve pressing challenges in innovative ways. This initiative would also bring forward individuals that have excelled in their various fields to share the challenges they faced through their life journeys and achievements. The first batch which will end in December 2019 consist of fifty(50) young University of the Gambia student leaders.

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(Ongoing Project)

Initiated: February 07th, 2019

Lead: Abbis B. Ceesay

Site: https://tafafricafoundation.org/initiative/taf-leadership-academy

E-mail: info@tafafricafoundation.org

Phone: 3404534

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