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TAF Startups held its first awarding ceremony during the 3rd TAFCON event. Three entrepreneurs went away with a total of 1,750,000 Dalasis. This will be held every year to support and inspire young entrepreneurs, and in addition to that, make a difference in the lives of the communities we serve.

This project came about during the annual 4th TAFCON which is a conference and networking event. It seeks to support and empower dynamic young Gambian entrepreneurs reach their full potential, while encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the unemployed youths. As finance and mentorship  is one of the major constraints for all start-ups, TAF Africa foundation deemed it necessary to organize a pitching competition judged by successful Gambian entrepreneurs who understand the challenges faced by these young start-ups. This competition is one of the biggest avenues to empower and support local youth businesses and has triggered a willingness by youth entrepreneurs to formally register their businesses and develop standard business practices such as developing a business plan, open a business account, and maintain proper financial records.

The winner of this contest received One million Gambian dalasis (D1, 000,000.00), first runner-up received Five Hundred Thousand Dalasis (D500,000) whiles second runner-up received Two Hundred and Fifty thousand dalasis(D250,000). The remaining finalist all received a cash prize of Fifty-Thousand dalasis (D50,000). This program also gives these young entrepreneurs the opportunity to get mentorship from top business leaders and attend international entrepreneurship events, this also gives them the exposure they will need to blossom and grow their businesses.

The winner for the first TAF Start-Up contest was Ms Amie Sohna, CEO of Her Apparel, First runner up , Modou Lamin Fatty, CEO of MLs  Poultry Farm and runner up, Ebou Lawrence Mendy, founder of  Ryde Africa.

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(Ongoing Project)

Initiated: December 26th, 2018

Lead: Abbis B. Ceesay

Site: https://tafstartups.org

E-mail: info@tafstartups.org

Phone: 3404534

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Being the winner of the Taf Startup Competition has been a great advancement for HER APPAREL. This initiative did not only pioneer scaling up but recognition as well". Always thankful for TAF and team." Amie Sohna, CEO Her Apparel, Winner of TAF Start-up competition, 2018