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Yearly skills development training

Young people in the TVET sector have not been given the much needed attention to improve their skills and access opportunities in the skills sector. Little practical is given to these students/ youth because of limited resources and facilities. However, the training institute offers mentorship and internship experiences youth from the different institutions which is a rigorous one year practical process .

Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) is one of the most practical avenues for acquiring readily employable skills to address the human resource capacity gap the country is faced with. The Gambia as a developing country needs competent technicians to fill the gaps in various sectors of our economy. This, over the years has not been given the much needed attention it deserves especially in our education sector and policy making processes with the recent increase in youth unemployment. This dilemma has been stagnant as the population of the Gambia has increased to 2.2 million. In addition, the crumple in youth labor market by 0.3 percent, rapid economic change, youth unemployment (12.89%) alongside underemployment due to skills mismatch is a clear manifestation to endorse skills acquisition (TVET) for poverty reduction, economic recovery and sustainable development. This initiative will provide a platform for individuals aged 16-33 to recognize the need and importance of “blue collar” jobs as a lucrative career path. This would further motivate the young people to have dignity in labor while building the infrastructures of the country. In addition, the training institute would give participants the platform to undergo rigorous internships for three- five months where they will engage in practical activities such as construction, digital marketing, architecture, plumbing etc.

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(Ongoing Project)

Initiated: January 01st, 2018

Lead: Abbis B. Ceesay

E-mail: info@tafafricafoundation.org

Phone: 3404534

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