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Annual Conference & Networking Event

As an essential platform to network and exchange ideas, TAFCON has held panels on different industries and organizations (real estate, finance, hospitality, government, youth groups, etc.). Over the years, panels have been held on the implementation of the national development plan, the youth, the physically disabled, and other significant issues. TAFCON is held annually, in December attracting thousands of participants. It is one of the biggest conferences in the Gambia promoting leadership development and Intellectual discourse on social and economic change.

TAFCON is the biggest annual Conference & Networking event in the Gambia. The event is designed to support Global efforts to foster more inclusiveness and participatory nations in order to build long term sustainable societies to foster Global peace and prosperity, consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations to which Gambia is a signatory.


The first edition of the TAFCON started three years ago in December 2015 at the TAF complex, Madiba mall. Over the years, it has grown rapidly attracting international participants. The President of the Republic of the Gambia served as the Guest Speaker at the Official opening ceremony of TAFCON2017. This conference has not only promoted a healthy inter-generational dialogue, but has also fostered a platform for young people to share their thoughts towards the enhancement of National Development. The resolutions and outcomes of the conference is shared to all relevant stakeholders such as the government, this is believed to help the government in the development and implementation of policies for its people. It discusses Developmental Challenges, Business and Politics. Today, it covers almost all topics, from Investments, National Youth Development and Disabilities etc.


 The TAFCON seeks to achieve the following:

  1. Promote, expose and support local talents
  2. Promote Intergenerational dialogues on pressing National and Global challenges.
  3. Promote the increase of job opportunities for young people through the networking sessions and job fair


Initiative Details

(Ongoing Project)

Initiated: April 16th, 2015

Lead: Abbis B. Ceesay

Site: https://tafcon.org

E-mail: info@tafafricafoundation.org

Phone: 3404534

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